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Which Braun Shaver is The Best? Best Braun Shavers

Braun is a German brand owned by the giant powerhouse Proctor & Gamble that produces electric shavers, trimmers, hair clippers from the very ancient time of its category. They are well reputed and one of the dominating company on the foil type electric shaver market. This international company never compromises with the product quality to capture the premium electric shaver market. There are some sophisticated men who like to have branded products without compromising the product quality. For them, Braun shavers are the best suite without any doubt. Braun never targets the cheap quality market to capture much customers. So, Braun shavers are designed and developed with premium interface and outfit. There are lots of Braun shavers on the market and Braun released all the models in some specific series from series 1 to 9. The Series 1 is an initial and normal quality production and the Series 9 is the most advanced. In this review, we have collected the best Braun shavers from Series 9 to Series 1. Let’s check which Braun Shaver suites you best.


Braun Series 9

Braun Series 9 is Braun’s special and the most advanced electric shaver production by far. Some experts think the Braun Series 9 is the most efficient electric shaver series on the whole market. There are some special models of electric shavers come one after another in this series. Braun frequently develops the Series with newer models and qualities. According to most of the expert’s opinion, here we ranked the Series 9 shavers from the best to better. Remember, none of the Braun Series 9 shaver will disappoint you with the built quality and performance.


Braun Series 7

Braun Series 7 is the second generation electric shaver series by Braun. Actually this is the most popular and discussed shaver series on the market. Braun released bunch of electric shaver models in this series. Braun declared the Braun Series 7 shavers are their smart creations with lots of facilities. Here are the best to better Braun Series 7 shavers according to maximum expert’s opinion.


Braun Series 5

The Braun Series 5 is Braun’s mid-range electric shaver series with premium features. There are some special models which can compete with the other brand’s most premium shavers. Braun firstly introduced the wet and dry shaving technology with the Braun Series 5 shavers. That’s why Braun declared the Braun Series Shavers are their wet and dry shavers. To find the best mid-price-range Braun shaver, we listed the best Braun shavers of the Braun Series 5.


Braun Series 3

Braun considered the user’s affordability of buying an electric shaver and released the Braun Series 3. Some men want to buy a Braun shaver but do not want to spend a big amount of money. The Braun shavers of their series 3 are very affordable and some costs less than 50 bucks. Braun minimized some fancy features and developed the Braun Series 3 without compromising with built quality. So, the Braun Series 3 shavers will be best suit for you if you have limitation with budget and do not want to have the most advanced features.


Braun Series 1

The Braun Series 1 is Braun’s initial shaver series to provide very affordable shaving experience. If you want to have a cheap electric shaver without fancy shaving features, you can try the Braun Series 1 shavers. There are the notable Braun Series 1 shavers in this list.



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